Music at St. David’s

I Will Sing of Mercy and of Justice – Psalm 101:1

Music offers us the rare opportunity to be simultaneously in communion with ourselves, our neighbors, and with God. Whether we are singing or listening, engagement in sacred music allows us to realize our beliefs in the world. At St. David’s, we believe that our music-making is both an expression of God as immanent love, as well as a proper “sacrifice of praise,” following Søren Kierkegaard’s metaphor that, in the theatre of worship, the liturgical leaders are the prompters, the congregants are the actors, and our audience is God.

For over a century, St. David’s has maintained excellence in the choral tradition that is at the heart of Anglican music. The Choir of St. David’s provides the backbone of this musical leadership, singing at Sunday services from September through Trinity Sunday. We also provide opportunities for children and adults of all ages to participate musically in worship. We strive to offer joyful noise to the best of our abilities. 

We invite you to take a moment to explore the musical offerings presented by St. David’s by visiting this year’s 2023-2024 Concert Season Schedule, as well as experiencing past recordings on our YouTube and Facebook pages.

If you are excited about these offerings, then know that we are excited to involve you! If you would like to make music in worship, you can volunteer to sing, ring, play, or participate in a number of ways. You can also donate to support the music program to ensure that St. David’s continues to bring music to all of God’s children. Should you have any questions or if you are interested in becoming involved, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Douglas Buchanan, at

We look forward to singing with you and for you!