Who We Are


  • We are part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, and we trace our roots back to Jesus and his spiritual ancestors. What we do is often based on very ancient patterns: loving service to the poor and needy, working for justice and peace, educating the mind and soul. Our worship and music are based on those same ancient patterns.
  • We wholeheartedly advocate for the dignity and worth of every human, an open-minded faith, and the importance of everyone’s spiritual journey. We support telling the truth about life’s challenges and the consequent importance of community.
  • We are opposed to superficial answers to hard questions, elitism, authoritarianism, bigotry and indifference to injustice. We also oppose uninspired music, Biblical illiteracy and theological apathy.
  • Our basic values revolve around concern for our larger neighborhood, spiritual growth and the transformation that comes from engagement with the world and with the Spirit.