What We Believe

  • We believe that everyone and everything was created by God.
  • We love Jesus and try to follow his teachings, as they are passed down in the tradition of the Episcopal Church. 
  • We believe that God is present with us when we celebrate Communion each Sunday. The community itself is sacramental (an outward sign of God’s presence), just as in Communion. All who seek a closer relationship with God are welcome to receive Communion at our altar; we believe it is how God feeds us so that we can grow in love.
  • We believe that we are called to care for the sick, to assist those in need, and to honor the dignity of everyone. 
  • We believe that God loves us as we are and calls us to grow into the strong, loving, and joyful people that, with God’s help, we can be. In this way, we believe that we are changed and able to become even more radically empathetic over time.